Fishery info


  • Pre Booked fishing only. 
  • Drive very Slowly, you are driving on a Public Bridleway used by Walkers, Horses and Mountain Bikes.  
  • Stop at the fishery office on arrival sign in. Cash only.
  • Under 14yrs are not allowed onsite.
  • 14yrs and over must be able to provide valid I.D when asked.
  • 14yrs to 18yrs must be accompanied by an adult.
  • You must have a Valid Enviromental Agency rod licence.
  • No Visitors.
  • Viewing by appointment only.

Fish Welfare

  • Landing nets & unhooking mats must be dipped on arrival.
  • Rods must not be left unattended. 
  • Do not strike to set the hook beyond reasonable force.
  • Never lift fish above knee height, keep the fish wet and return ASAP.
  • Sacking of fish is only permitted for weighing purposes only.
  • No Keep nets.
  • You must have and use fish care antiseptic when needed.
  • Surface fishing is allowed.


  • Barbless hooks only, No Micro barb, No filed filed, No trebles.
  • No Main line braid.
  • Braided hook link and spomb is permitted.
  • Minimum 10lb mainline.
  • Safety rigs must be used at all times.
  • 1 x 30" landing net per Fisherman.
  • Single barbless hook if spinning for perch. 
  • Ask before using Bait Boats. 
  • No Sonar or Deeper Devices.
  • Bait Boats, ask before use.


  • No out of date Baits.
  • No Cat & Dog meats.
  • No Live baiting.
  • Do not discard Bait on the bank. Skip it or take it home.

Peg info

  • Please take all your rubbish home.
  • No Glass Bottles on site.
  • Please put your vehicle in the car parks after unloading.
  • Fishery Gates are locked from 6pm to 8am for your security and ours. 
  • No other visiting guests other than those booked in are allowed onsite.
  • We do not allow take away deliveries onsite.
  • No Dogs allowed.
  • No Swimming. 
  • No Heavy Drinking, Drugs, Guns, Target Catapults, Drones, Loud radios or shouting.
  • BBQ & Fire pits must be raised to pevent scorching.
  • Green bivvy style shelters only.
  • 24hr CCTV


  • All accidents must be recorded in the accident book in the fishery office.
  • First aid kit is in the Fishery office or call 999
  • Caution should be taken when net dipping in disinfectant, ask for assistance if unsure. You are responcible for your own personal pretective equipment.
  • Caution should be taken, when walking around the lake & night, trip hazards are present e.g uneven ground, rabbit holes, slippery surface, bare roots and branches.
  • Caution should be taken camping under trees - Falling branches.
  • Fishing should stop when lightening is present.
  • Lake water is cold, the edges shallow but with steep holes, avoid falling in. Life rings are positioned around the lake to be used only to save life.


  • It is a condition of payment that we have the right to search your vehicle at any time.
  • The removal, killing, eating or transfer of any fish will mean a claim by the owners for full compensation.
  • Niether the company nor its employees shall be held responsible for loss or damage to any of your property however caused.
  • Anglers, guests or visitors are not entitled to make any claim against Gweryd lakes or employees of any loss, injury or theft.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time.
  • We reserve th right to alter these terms at any time without prior notice.