Rules / Terms & Conditions

If unsure about any of the Rules, please ask

By paying for a ticket you undertake to accept and abide by the fishery Rules. If you break theses rules we regret that you will be asked to leave the premises without Refund.

You are here to Fish with other like minded fisherman not to have a Party. 

  1. No.1 Rule Drive Very Slow. You are driving on a Public Bridleway! used by Horses, mountain bikes and walkers. Driving faster than the slowest rodent is not acceptable.
  2. Under 14yrs are not permitted at the fishery.
  3. 14yrs and over must be able to provide valid I.D when asked for. (No I.D, No Fishing).
  4. 14yrs to 18yrs must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  5. Under 18yrs can only night fish with an adult present.
  6. You must Sign in and Pay on arrival at the fishery office before going to the lake.
  7. You must hold a valid Envroment Agency Rod  License over 12yrs old..
  8. Minimum 36" net for Carp fishing.
  9. You must have and use Antiseptic Carp kit /Spray after hook removal.
  10. Keep nets are permitted for silver fishing only. No Carp to be retained.
  11. Landing nets, Mats must be dipped in the disinfectant tank. You are responsible for you own personal protective equipment. gloves, coveralls, eye protection etc. please ask if unsure.
  12. Fish from designated pegs only, fish no further than halfway to your nieghbouring peg infront and to the sides. 
  13. Cars must be parked in the car parks after unloading.
  14. Barbless hooks only. Flattened / Filed / Micro barbed are not allowed.
  15. Drop off lead and safety rigs must be used at all times.
  16. Bait boats are not to be used unless permission is given.
  17. Do not cast at any Spawning Fish in the margins.
  18. No Spinning.
  19. No sacking of any fish.
  20. No mainline braid, Braid can only be used for Spod & Marker rods.    
  21. No Peanuts,Tiger nuts or Trout pellets.
  22. No Heavy drinking, Guns, Drugs or Shouting. 
  23. No Loud radios, high powered torches or laser pens.
  24. No Dogs, Pets
  25. No Caravans, trailer tents or gazebo style. You cannot sleep in a motor home. 
  26. No Swimming, No ball games.
  27. No Cutting of live vegetation.
  28. BBQ must be raised to pevent scorching the grass.
  29. Minimum 12lbs BS.
  30. Particle baits must be properly prepaired. 
  31. The removal, killing, eating or transfer of any fish will mean, Instant life long ban and a claim by the owners for full compensation.
  32. No more than 1 paying guest per fisherman.
  33. All rubbish produced in your session must be taken home including cigarette ends. 
  34. Bears do it in the woods, please use the Toilets provided or use your own bucket and take it home.
  35. Nobody is allowed to leave the fishery or enter the fishery during the hours of darkness without prior arrangement unless in case of emergency. Main gate will be open at 8am then locked 6pm.
  36. If you are rude, aggessive or intimerdade any of my staff, you are banned. 
  37. Niether the company nor its employees shall be held responsible for loss or damage to or theft of any property however caused.
  38. Anglers and visitors are not entitled to make any claims against the company or employees of any losses, injury or theft.
  39. We reserve the right to cancel any booking.
  40. We reserve the right to alter these terms at any time without prior notice. 
  41. It is a condition of paying that we have the right to search your vehicle at anytime. 
  42. Night / Day CCTV in operation and will be used as evidence.
  43. When asked to show your fishing ticket, rigs or empty your keep net please do so.
  44. Fishing 2 rods max per person 1st April to 31st October. 

For 99% of fisherman the rules above will not apply, please don't make yourself the 1%. If you feel that you may struggle to comply with the rules, please stay at home.


In the event of any emergency raise the alarm call 999 grid reference SJ174552. Post code CH7 4QJ Office 01824 780230

  • All accidents must be reported and recorded in the accident book in the fishery office.
  • First aid kit in the Fishery office.
  • Caution should be taken when net dipping in disinfectant, ask for assistance if unsure. 
  • Caution should be taken, when walking around the lake day and night as trip hazards are present. e.g Branches, Bare Roots, Rabbit Holes, Slippery Surface, and Uneven ground.
  • Caution should be taken when camping under trees - Falling branches and lightening strike.
  • The lake water is very cold, the edges shallow but with steep holes, avoid falling in. 7 life rings are positioned around the lake to be used only to save life.
  • The woodland on the left hand side of the track from car park 1 to 2 and onwards belongs to our nieghbour, Dangerous timber felling works have started. It is private property please keep out.