Llyn Gweryd 12.5 acres @ 1057ft

Connecting your passion with the wild

A Jewel in the Crown @ 1057ft nestled within the Clwydian Mountain range, it's said to be the highest Carp Fishery in UK

Iying within an area of outstanding national beauty, Llyn Gweryd has no record of its origin other than a large area of wetland with a small peat island 1783.

In 1951 peat extraction and the creation of a small dam flooded the wetland to create 12.5 acre lake which was used for supplying drinking water to local farms and villages.

1971 - 1985 Llyn Gweryd was aTrout fishery.         

In 1989 The lake was stocked with Coarse fish and Carp to 20lbs. For the past 28yrs the fish have been breeding and maturing prolifically.

2 natural Springs keep the water constantly fresh at each end. The Dam bay averages 6ft snag free on a bed of firm shingle. The north western end is 6ft - 10ft on a soft bed of peat and blood worm.

The lake has a secret peat island which rises in June before submurging again in late November. Estimated size 30m x 25m kidney shape which holds many fish.

Llyn Gweryd is 395m long x 200m at its widest holding over 65,000 cubic metres of water.

You are intermatley connected with the landscape free from light pollution and the drone of road traffic. 

February 2016 as new owners we decided to close the lake for upgrading works.

March 2017 reopen with a vision of re conneting your passion with nature.  

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