Prices / info

Fishing - 2 rods max 1st April to 31st October - 3 rods max 1st Nov to 31st March

Under 14yrs old are not allowed onsite - Barbless hooks only - No Main line braid - CCTV fish Security.

Read all the rules before making a Booking.

Book Now and we will reply ASAP   

Telephone Bookings Tim & Johanna,  9am - 6.30pm 

We need to know :-

  1. Your Name ?
  2. How many people fishing ?
  3. Any Non fishing guests ?
  4. The date you want to fish?
  5. Arrival time ?
  6. How many hours ? (Day 9hr), 24hr, 36hr, 48hr......
  7. Contact No ? 

We will tell you at the time of booking, if we have reserved any areas of the lake for group booking or maintenance.

No deposit needed, We trust that you will honour your booking with us, and will arrive on time. Please ring ASAP if you are going to cancel the booking so that we can offer it to others.

Stop on arrival at the Fishery Office, before going to the lake. 

  • Dip your landing nets and mats. 
  • Fisherman and guests must sign the visitor records and pay. 
  • Cash only. 
  • You will be given a fishing Ticket (Receipt of payment).

Price per person fishing 2 rods max 

14yrs and over must be able to provide valid I.D when asked. (No I.D, No fishing).  

  • £15 - 9hr Day Ticket 8am to 6pm
  • £35 - 24hr 
  • £50 - 36hr 1 and 1/2 Days
  • £70 - 48hr 
  • £100 - 72hr - 3 Days
  • £140 - 96hr - 4 Days 

1 Paying Guest per fisherman only. 

Under 14yrs are not permitted at the fishery.

Price per Non fishing guest. 

  • £10  - 9hr Day Ticket 8am to 6pm
  • £10 - 24hr 
  • £15 - 36hr 1 and 1/2 days
  • £20 - 48hr
  • £30 - 72hr - 3 Days
  • £40 - 96hr - 4 Days​

Please Note

No Consessions, No half day, No evening tickets.

A Booked Day Ticket is £15 whether you fish 1hr or 9hrs between 8am - 6pm. 

24hrs + Sessions start 30 mins after your Booked arrival time, this allows you time to dip your nets tea / coffee and sign in.

1 paying Guest per fisherman only.

3 rods winter fishing only, 1st November until 31st March

Please allow for journey delays, it is not our fault if you are late!!!. If we hold you up, then we will ammend ticket times to compensate.