Open 1st March, Wednesday to Sunday and all the Bank Holidays

Tim - 07887 954097 Owner / Manager 


"The size and the shape doesn't matter, its the taking part that counts" 

Johanna - 07974 427578 Owner 

Johanna Is the back bone behind the day to day workings of Gweryd lakes, without her none of us would be fishing.

Organise yourself before calling us.

Names, Date, How many Fishing, Guests, 

We will send you a izettle Payment link to Pay. We use Whattsapp, 

Take all your Rigs, Hooks and Rubbish Home please.


Check your peg for hooks, line and litter.

Please take all your Rubbish Home.

Will, Bailiff

We have rules please take the time to read them. Poor reviews you may read online,are likley to of been posted before our ownership 2016, or by those who have no regard for complying with common sence. 

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