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1783 Gweryd Lodge estate lake @ 1043ft nestled within the Clwydian Mountain Range, North Wales

1783 - Mapping Listed as Gelli Gynan Hall Estate Lake with small peat island 6 acre.

1951 - Peat extraction created a small dam with a flooded area of 12 acres used for supplying water to livestock and farm sawmill.

1960 - Fishing and Duck shooting.

1970 -  Several fish rearing pools below Llyn Gweryd.

1971 - 1981 Llyn Gweryd Club fishery. 

1982 - Lake drained and all fish removed.

!983 - Dam and bank maintenance. 

1984 - Lake naturally refilled.

1986 - Restocked with Leney Dink and Sutton Carp to 19lbs and for the past 37yrs the fish have been breeding and maturing giving us a good stock of 500+ Carp.

2016 - New owners, Mr & Mrs Smith closed the lake to give the fish a well earned rest and to start the long over due renovation works.

2017 - April the fishery reopen. 

2018 - Over due bankside maintenance and facilities. 125 x 2lb brown trout introduced to help reduce the small silver fish biomass. 

2019 - Old Bivvi hut renovations completed, NRW flood upgrade works completed.

2020 - 22 x New free draining gravel pegs. 

2021 - 2 x Aeration units installed, Light and Wind tunnels created.

2022 - Bull Rushes thinned and Snags removed, Lake dragged. 3rd Aerator installed.   

2023 - 2 x Social shelters, Beech trees peg renewed. Le Chameau Autumn 23 Photo Shoot with Wales Carp team Captain Charlie Bunce.

2024 - 2 x New Offa's Dyke walkers Bunk house bedrooms. Youtube channel, 1 x Social shelter. Fish refuges

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