Sporting fishery for the modern and traditional Angler

Stocked 1986, and now after 33yrs of slowly maturing at natures speed, we have a huge stock of wild hard fighting home grown Mirrors, Commons and Ghosties to reward and frustrate all anglers. 

The Lake is home to an estimated1500+ Carp that cruise among marginal features nestled between 30 spacious pegs. 

Mirrors, Ghosties, Commons of 22.5lb + have been banked.

Tench 9lb, Perch 5lb, Brown Trout 6lb, Bream 10lb 

Barbless hooks only.

If you enjoy catching sporting fish and watching the seasons change, surrounded by stunning scenery we have more than the most.

Please take Fish viruses seriously Dip all Nets, Slings, Mats on Arrival 

Facilities - 1 x Ladies  2 Mens Toilet & Showers with Sink and Mirrors. 

Disabled Toilet  

Disabled Access to the pegs is limited. Please ask. 

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