Wild Fishing

Jurassic Perch - Welsh unofficial record 5lbs

We have a prolific welsh venue which has slipped under the radar for to long. Huge shoals of bream patrol the lake and once you have found them 90lb + catches are on the cards. Tench in double figures and perch to 5lb have been banked.

There is a good head of pristine Mirrors, Commons and Ghosties tipping the scales to over 22lb+. Both banks offer spacious natural earth pegs, almost all of them with marginal plants and features that positively tremble as fish cruise past.

After 29yrs of slowly maturing and spawning at natures speed, we have a good stock of strong home grown fish to reward and frustrate the angler.

The lake is home to more than 1500 counted Wild Carp with an estmated 10,000 kg of silver fish.

Estimated - Carp stocks

73% @  5 - 10lb                               

21% @ 10 - 15lb                              

  4% @ 15 - 22lb                               

  2% @  22.5lbs +              

We are not a big fish venue and nor do we wish to be premoted as one. If you simply enjoy catching sporting fish and watching the seasons change, surrounded by stunning scenery we have more than most.

Please take Fish viruses seriously. 

You've earned your money, you;ve bought nice tackle and you want to use it. "You can" but in return please dip your nets & mats, so that the next generation can enjoy fishing.

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