Carp on the fly

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Fly fishing for Carp

Carp fishing on the fly is taking the fishing industry by storm. In the US they are regarded as the new fresh water "bone fish" because of their power and explosive runs. 

We have plenty of fish and many great stalking bays to test your fishing skills to the limit. 

Warmer months are best to try the fly - May June July August September.         

  • Carp are bigger and stronger than trout.
  • Carp fishing is more visual.
  • Feed - Leave - Feed - Cast!

Fishing Gear

  • 5# Wieght Fly Rod 
  • Floating Line 
  • Min 12lbs leader
  • 5mm sinking + 10mm floating pellets 
  • Barbless Flies only.
  • A Large Net.
  • EA Rod Licence.

Lake Guiding / Private fishing, please contact us.

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